Bicycle Mount for VENTURE Body Camera

America's Body Camera. The VENTURE Camera

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The Most Versatile Body Camera Ever!

The Venture can be used as a body camera to record your everyday activities. It is lightweight, easy to use and can be clipped onto just about anything.  Its "one touch record" feature lets you begin recording audio and video instantly. Easily snap photos with a press of the button. It even has a digital flash for night time photography.

Car Camera

Can you believe it? A body camera that instantly turns into a car camera! The Venture is the first body camera in the world that can transform into a dash cam. Just rotate the lens, clip Venture onto your visor and record your drive.

External Cameras

Expand VENTURE's capability! The Venture has an AV jack to plug in external cameras. You have the option from choose the head, eye, night or covert visions. Giving you the ability to add different views, angles and mounting options for any purpose.


Adaptable, Clippable, Wearable

The Venture can be mounted onto any surface. It has optional mounting accessories for your bicycle, car visor, or suction cup, as well as wearable clips for your bag or clothes. 

Flashlight Recorder

Lost in the dark? No problem. The Ventures four LEDs are extremely bright and can record audio and video when in flashlight mode. Perfect when used on a bike to light up your way and record video at the same time.



·       Size: 2.9 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches

·       Weight: 2 ounces

·       Field of View: 120 degrees

·       Memory: 32GB

·       Battery Life: 2.5 hours 

·       Video Resolution: 1080p at 30 FPS; 1280x720p at 60FPS or 30 FPS; 848x480 at 60FPS or 30FPS; 640x480


Visit to download setup manager and user manual.

Package Includes:

  • VENTURE Body Camera
  • Rotatable Mounting Clip
  • Lanyard
  • USB cable for charging and files transfer
  • Wall charger adapter

Expand VENTURE's Capability!

Check out VENTURE's Accessories and Attachments below. 

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